Happy UAE National Day!

We love dressmaking in UAE National colours!


Buy pattern, have a dress made or simply take a course


We are giving you now the opportunity to either buy a pattern to make the dress yourself, or if you like the dress bring your own fabric and we will make it for you, or simply take one of our courses and learn how to make this dress from pattern making to sewing completion.  Inquire now! #dressmaking


We have been preparing this sewing / stitching video tutorial for you (below).
Stay tuned for full release details!

Dubai In Design

What is this Surprise that is coming up?

We are preparing your surprise.  Check back in a few days to see what it is!  Oooooh, so exciting!  :)


We have a little surprise coming up for you :)

As they say . .  Something new, something old, something . . blue? maybe :)

Stay tuned as we prepare to give you something that we believe you will greatly benefit from in your search for creativity and design :)

Best from Dubai in Design

Free mini-course delayed!

You can still sign up for and get your materials.
Register now and attend this Free mini-course THIS WEDNESDAY!

Free mini-course

Make this!  Before lunchtime, in this free mini-course with Tsufa.
We are celebrating a new course relationship with @taniasteahouse by offering this free mini-course.
REGISTER NOW!  Seats are limited – Mon, 19 Nov ’18
0509435411 or appareldesign(AT)yahoo.com