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Difference between Textile and Fabric definitions

Did you ever wonder what the difference between the words textile and fabric are?

Today the words are used as synonymous for textile.  However, there are subtle differences between the two in specialized usage.

We will attempt to explain.

Both the textile and fabric words are used for woven fabric.
The difference is that FABRIC has traditionally meant a woven fabric and is a general term used for clothing.  Its fibers are usually weaved, knitted, crocheted, etc.
TEXTILE is a much broader term usually applied to the entire clothing industry (ie. textile industry).  Its fibers are intertwined and can be braided, felted, twisted, etc.  Can have various connotations such as fabric of society or fabricated products.

Hope this helps!
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Tools for measuring the body/body form

The most essential tools when one is measuring the body or a body form, are those that make the job easiest, quickest and most accurate to finish the needed task.

A painter without his brushes cannot paint a picture.
A chef without ingredients cannot make a good meal.
And so, a fashion designer without proper tools cannot make a good garment.

So what does one need to correctly measure a body or a body form?
13 absolutely necessary items.

Measuring devices needed:
– both hard-edged and flexible measuring devices are needed to measure flat pattern and the body
– both in imperial and metric figures (you will likely come across companies that use either one)|
– appropriate attire for those individuals being measured

The INDIVIDUAL you are making the garment for, a MODEL if the garment being designed is for a collection (normally as a 2nd fit trial, after the body form), or a BODY FORM if you are making a collection using the standard size chart.

Tools _ Measuring _ Individual bodyTools _ Measuring _ Body form

Body forms come in various shapes and sizes, available as adjustable or non-adjustable, with or without other body parts.  So do your research on the available types and choose carefully when making the investment.

MASKING TAPE (1/4″ width in black colour)
– used to mark your seams on the body form
Tools _ Measuring _ Masking tape (quarter inch, black)

– inform the person being measured to wear something light for measuring
– good to keep in your studio in case your client shows up in a thicker garment
– can be skin tight or loose, one or two piece
Unitard (skin tight)Tight garment for measuring

– necessary for the person being measured, for the purpose of correct fitting of the garment especially if the garment being made is fitted
– whatever will be worn with the garment: regular, strapless, stick-on, push up, etc.

Tools _ measuring _ Bra (push up)

HIGH HEELS OR SHOES to be worn with garment being made
– necessary for the garment length measurements for those individuals whose garments will be worn with the heels, or a fit for a specific type of a shoe in terms of pant hem width
Tools _ Measuring _ High heels (parachute)

– helpful in keeping the long hair out of the way, when measuring the body
Tools _ Measuring _ Hair tie elastic

– necessary when measuring your own self, to see correct start and end positions to be measured
– full length
Tools _ Measuring _ Mirror (full length, oval)

– helps in accurately measuring the body from waist up and down, when placed around the waist
– cotton/hemp or similar, and non-slippery
Tools _ Measuring _ Cotton string roll

– essential for taking body measurements and other non-flat and non-straight surfaces
– good to have both in inches and in centimeters
Tools _ Measuring _ Tape measure (Dritz) 60inch

– useful for easy reference of all body measurements
Tools _ Measuring _ Measurement form sheet

– used for clean and clear writing, drawing and marking
Tools _ Measuring _ Mechanical pencil

– never get stuck half way when completing your work
Tools _ Measuring _ Pencil lead

– used for easy erasing of pencil drawn measurements
Tools _ Measuring _ Eraser

These 13 items will make your measuring of the individual or the body form most accurate, easy and quick.

STARTING NOW! Fashion design courses

Starting THIS WEEK at DIAC  (next to Mercato Mall)
8 – 12 week courses in:
  • Pattern Drafting (beginner and intermediate)
  • Sewing
  • Draping
To register, call 04.344.4398
By enrolling in one of our fashion courses, you may participate in our annual Bloom Fashion Show on April 30, 2016For more course info click here:
or email appareldesign (AT)

Fashion Design courses schedule _ Apr 2016

Fashion Design courses schedule _ Apr 2016

Update: FULL-TIME Fashion Design Schools in UAE

We have just updated a list of FULL TIME fashion design schools in the UAE.

Take a look at the following link:

We have added a school that now offers a Fashion Design program in ABU DHABI.

We have also taken out a couple of schools that no longer offer a Fashion Design program.

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