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Tools required for pattern drafting

Below are the necessary tools for a pattern drafting beginner.
To do a good job, one needs the right tools for the job.
Happy pattern drafting! :)

– transparent white sheets/rolls of paper used for drafting and tracing
Tracing paper

– ideal for pattern drafting sharp lines
Mechanical pencil








– used to erase mistakes






– used to measure the body and curved draft lines
Tape measure





– used to draw long lines (39 1/2″/100 cm or longer)
Long ruler 60cm




– used to draw short straight lines, measure shorter measurements, draw seam allowances
Graph ruler B






– used to draw 90 degree right angles ONLY
L-shaped ruler






– used to draw curves
– and used for those curves that require one end more straighter and the other end more curved (ie. hip)
Vary form curve ruler (Fairgate)


SQUARE CURVE (transparent)
– used to draw curves
– and used to draw curved seam allowances (optional to grid ruler above)
Square curve ruler












– used to transfer lines from one side of paper to the folds below or other sheets of paper underneath
– used to transfer garment shape or draped fabric pen lines onto paper to make a paper draft
Tracing wheel





– transparent adhesive tape (single side)
– used to keep paper folds in place
Scotch tape







– used to draw the bust radius






– used for corrections
Colour pencils







– used for cutting paper and paper patterns ONLY
Paper scissors


SELLING: Tools for pattern drafting

Being difficult to find, and some tools impossible to find here in the market, I have brought a few tools from Canada.

These are high quality and long lasting necessary Pattern drafting tools.

Please see below.  If interested, contact us by clicking the “Contact” tab above or clicking the link

98 AED – Fairgate French Curve metal ruler 24″ (3 available):
Vary form curve ruler (Fairgate)



98 AED – Fairgate L-shaped metal ruler 24″/14″ (10 available):

L-shaped ruler (Fairgate)








15 AED – Loop turner (10 available):

Loop turner


for turning spaghetti straps inside out

Loop turner (for spaghetti straps)







SOLD 15 AED/yd – Spiral metal boning (5 yards available):
Spiral steel boning (yards)






SOLD  1 AED/tip or cap –  Tip/cap for ends of spiral metal boning (20 tips/caps available):
Caps for Spiral steel boning






Cut your Spiral boning and add a cap on each end to make the bones:
Spiral steel boning pieces





8 AED –  Measurement tape by Dritz -> 60″ inches and on reverse 152cm (reinforced fiberglass, non-stretch, non-fading) (1 available):
Tape measure (Dritz) 60inch

Paper manufacturing companies

For all your wholesale paper needs
. . drafting paper, gift box paper, specialty paper, etc.

The top 100 manufacturers:

Paper manufacturers (Top100)

Need professional supplies?

Have you been searching for professional tailoring/pattern drafting/sewing supplies?
And been unable to find them in the UAE?

You can make your requests now.

I am going to Canada in January and will be visiting shops that offer a wide variety of professional supplies:
       – Rulers, awls, notchers, black twill, hand punch, velvet pressing pad, etc
       – Ribbons, fusing, canvas, horsehair, etc.
For more info, please send us a message by clicking the contact tab above or by clicking here

Fashion Design and Retail materials

A great place to buy ALL you need for your fashion design and retail needs:


The company is based in UK, but you can order online and have the items delivered. Minimum order is about 500 AED last time we checked, which is not bad.

They even have a Velvet Ironing Pad which is unavailable anywhere locally.

If anyone, however, does come across the Velvet Ironing Pad in UAE, please do let us know.

Dress Form / Judy

Looking to buy a Dress Form?

Craft Land inside Town Centre in Jumeirah (beside Mercato Mall) sells adjustable dress forms.

You can adjust the size of the hip, waist, bust size, neck and body length.

Contact Craft Land at 04.342.2237.