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Shops that sell mannequins and body forms

Professional mannequins of excellent quality are now being sold at Crystal House in Al Hanna Centre (Satwa) on the ground floor.

Fantastic quality for a great price, right here in Dubai.

Other designers in Dubai are already using them, and I will be making a batch order for my client this week.

You can walk right in and purchase on the spot, or if they don’t have what you want, you may make a custom order.

Body forms, leg forms, detachable arms, cage, metal rollers and body forms too :)

Happy body form shopping!


“Sketch” Mannequins

Came across some really interesting and unique mannequins while window shopping at Madinat Jumeirah.

Fantastic and modern way to display today’s garments as a visual abstract art form bringing to life poise and posture while emphasizing the garment it

Modern Mannequin by Goldsmith NY

After some research on the net, I found these fantastic mannequins to be “Sketch Mannequins” by Goldsmith (New York).

Mannequins / Dress Forms

Depending on your budget, you may choose any of the following:

Plastic mannequin covered with fabric, has stand.
Great for temporary purpose / can use for draping as allows pins to be put through the fabric.
Price:  below 200 AED
You get what you pay for, however if you handle with care it can last you for a long time.
Available at Dragon Mart at the following stores:
1.  Fafa International Trading FZCO, Shop # EAA14.15
2. Doyin International Trading, Shop # EBD 01, Tel. 04.435.6136
Body Form – adjustable
Great for those who work on garments in different sizes.
Price:  above 200 and below 2,000 AED
Available at CraftLand in Town Center on Jumeriah Beach Road.
Tel.  04.342.2237
Any type of mannequin or body form in good quality
Great for those who are serious about fashion design, those that are planning to open or already have a boutique or a studio.
Price for a body form is about $450 US more or less for the body form plus $200  US for the bubble wrap, crane and shipment door to door of the parcel.
Good quality mannequins / body forms made in Spain, Italy and France.
Available at Milano Mannequins, based in Lebanon.