About Φ

Hello and welcome to Dubai In Design

Design In Dubai was actualized to make it simpler for all of us with the Fashion sense to exchange and pass on our Little Trade Secrets in Dubai.

Compiled is info about everything from where to buy notions and service your sewing machine to the latest trends in the industry and how to start your Fashion career.

You are therefore encouraged to “take and give” within and help others help you make the best of your time on this site.

Please feel free to check out my Profile and contact me if you have any inquiries.

Thank you and happy surfing at Dubai In Design!

T s u f A :)


2 responses to “About Φ

  1. Hi, could you kindly send me suppliers of adjustable dress forms plus the prices. JWK

    • Hi Helen,

      Yes, please check your email for details.
      We will supply you with a list of mannequin suppliers, however you will need to contact each one of them to find out the most recent prices.

      Hope this helps!

      Dubai In Design (DID)

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