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RESEARCHING: sewing machine requirements

Shopping for industrial sewing machines . . Looking at cover stitch machine options and finishes.
It’s a tricky decision; depends on the operator skills.

Research - sewing machines requirement


GROUPON: 89 AED sewing machine

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RENT a sewing machine

Not ready to invest in a sewing machine?
Unsure which kind to buy?
Need machine short term only?

RENT per:
– day or class time
– 3 days
– 7 days
– month

To inquire, please contact us back by clicking the contact tab at or by email at appareldesign

2 types available.  See details below:

For rent _ Brother LS2160 (sewing machine)

“INSTINCT” – sewing machine (above)
Brand:  Brother
(straight stitch, zig zag, decorative stitches, button hole stitch)
14 stitches in total

For rent _ Brother GS2700 (sewing machine)

“6th SENSE” – sewing machine (above)
Brand:  Brother
(straight stitch, zig zag, decorative stitches, 1 step button hole stitch)
27 stitches in total

FOR SALE: Industrial sewing machines

Flat/Straight stitch – 500 AED
2 pieces
Overlocker/Serger – 3,000 AED
1 piece
To inquire further, contact appareldesign

WANTED Sewing Machine

Looking for a used sewing machine in good condition.  If you’ve got one for sale, contact us by clicking the CONTACT tab above.

GROUPON: Sewing Machine

11 days left.

Portable Sewing machine for 99 AED.

Good for small fixes (ie. fix the curtain without having to take it down)


A perfect ECONOMICAL home sewing machine for beginners or for those that only use the sewing machine occasionally for garments and/or alterations, and don’t need all the fancy stitches generally used for quilting and other detailing.

As I went searching around Dubai everywhere for an additional sewing machine that I would be mobile with and would use only to demonstrate stitching techniques on, I ended up purchasing a mechanical Brother home sewing machine LS-2160.

The one I really wanted to buy was Brother XL-2600i costing $85 US (about 315 AED), but I could not find it anywhere and could not wait to have it shipped by Amazon or ordered by Brother dealership.

There are many brands of sewing machines:  Acme, Bernina, Brother, Elna, Husqvarna Viking, Janome, Juki, , Kenmore, Pfaff, Sasa, Singer, Toyota, and more.

Although, Singer sewing machine was the first domestic sewing machine on the market, many other brands have caught up to the trend of home sewing.

I have personally worked on Singer, Brother and Juki brands.
I honestly don’t have a preference for any brand.  There are certain brands that are more pricier than others for various reasons (the brand name, where they are made, etc.).  However, I feel that if you compare value for money, even the cheapest of machines will last you a life time . . if you take care of it.

So, having said this, you really need to look at what you are getting for the price of the sewing machine compared between various brands.  Take a look at the stitch quantity, does it have a cutter on the side, does it have an automatic threader, how about 1 or 3 step buttonhole, type of overlock stitch, etc.  Take a look at reviews as well, but beware and take the reviews with a pinch of salt.

Best is to check local shops if they would allow you to test some of the sewing machines.  Some shops have them setup specifically for that reason.  Other shops that are newer may offer that service if you ask for it, just because they are a new business and are trying to make sales.  Call them up and see what they say :)

The second home sewing machine I ended up purchasing was also a Brother,with which I am perfectly happy:

The Brother LS-2160 has everything that you need in a home sewing machine for making garments:
– straight stitch with 5 stitch lengths (using only 2 of them . . one for seam stitching and the last one for gathering)
– straight stitch – left needle position (used for zipper foot)
– zig zag stitch with 4 widths (for finishing the raw seam edges)
– button hole stitch 4 step (for making button holes)
– reverse sewing lever (for back stitching)
– plus many more fancy stitches and features that I will never use for garment making

Of all the places I found this mechanical Brother home sewing machine LS-2160 at JUMBO on Manhool St. (across from Al Ain Center and next to Khaleej Center).  Contact number: 04.352.3555.  It cost me during a sale the 399 AED which is much cheaper than any other Brother machine I came across in Dubai at that time.  It came with a 1-year warranty and I got a free Casio watch with it too.  

Now, I will admit that computerized sewing machines are easier to work with, have a slightly nicer stitch, etc., however there is absolutely nothing wrong with this sewing machine for home stitching which is the reason I purchased it.  If I were to look at the sewing machines this way, then I could also argue that the industrial sewing machine is even better than the computerized home sewing machine, and i have worked on all of them.  CONCLUSION:  This is a perfectly fine economical sewing machine used for making garments at home.

If you are looking to buy a specific Brother sewing machine and have trouble finding it anywhere else, the Brother dealer is located at Nasr Square inside Deira Tower and right next to McDonalds.  If they do not have a sewing machine in stock that you are looking for, they will order it for you.   Showroom name is TransGulf Enterprises, and the contact number is 04.282.4232

You may also check out a great website where you can find great deals on a variety of sewing machines and other notions.

Alternatively, you can make your way down to Satwa or Deira and find some great little shops with sewing machines.

Hope this helps :)