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Make any dress with the help of Tsufa

Make any dress, together with a teacher.  Create a high quality garment as you learn and participate making it while having fun!  Call 0509435411 or email appareldesign(AT)yahooo.com to inquire about the private lessons during Ramadan.  Lesson instruction led by a 2002 fashion design graduate and active in the industry business consultant for fashion house.


1-1 lessons in fashion design

Learn dressmaking and tailoring on 1-1 basis from the comfort of your home. Call Tsufa at 0509435411 to inquire about 1-1 private lessons during Ramadan. Course led by Tsufa – a 2002 fashion design graduate and a business consultant for fashion houses.

Sewing Workshop

Register now for the Sewing workshop.
Starts tomorrow:  SAT, 12 May
To inquire call 0509435411 or to register call 043444398.

You choose sewing projects you want to work on.  The workshop starting tomorrow allows you to be as creative as your imagination!  We are simply there to help you bring your projects to life, whether that is creating something from scratch, doing an alteration, learning how to insert a zipper, drape fabric on mannequin and much more!

Course led by Tsufa – business consultant for fashion houses (Tsufa Fashion LLC) and a 2002 fashion design graduate.

Difference between Textile and Fabric definitions

Did you ever wonder what the difference between the words textile and fabric are?

Today the words are used as synonymous for textile.  However, there are subtle differences between the two in specialized usage.

We will attempt to explain.

Both the textile and fabric words are used for woven fabric.
The difference is that FABRIC has traditionally meant a woven fabric and is a general term used for clothing.  Its fibers are usually weaved, knitted, crocheted, etc.
TEXTILE is a much broader term usually applied to the entire clothing industry (ie. textile industry).  Its fibers are intertwined and can be braided, felted, twisted, etc.  Can have various connotations such as fabric of society or fabricated products.

Hope this helps!
Please let us know if you have something else to add :)


REGISTER NOW for Fashion Design courses

About: Pattern Drafting course

Hello Darlings!

Do you want to know what you will learn in the Fashion Design course?

We’ve put together a PowerPoint presentation to help explain:
– what is covered in the “Pattern Drafting for Beginners” course
– why you need to learn the basics
– what you will achieve upon successful completion
– and who is teaching you

Go ahead, and click on the attached PowerPoint presentation (below) to read about the above mentioned!
Class presentation _ Pattern drafting for beginners _ Class 1 _ (DID post)

Please let us know if you have any questions.

The first Pattern Drafting class begins today, Saturday at 5:00 PM.
Also, if you cannot make it on Saturdays, there is another class during weekday evenings – Mondays 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm
And one more class during weekday mornings – Tuesdays 9:30 am – 12:30 pm

To register, please call DIAC directly at 04.344.4398.

Looking forward to meeting you and seeing you in class.

Follow my progress – cocktail dress


Fifth “Follow my Progress” post is up.  We’re moving mighty quickly! :)

Follow my progress on below link, with newest post on top.

In this latest post, I have completed the upper part of the pattern – the bust, back and the seam between those pieces and the waistband.

I will be tweaking one thing tomorrow to make the bust area more appealing and finishing the waistband.
And finally, tomorrow also, I will show you how to copy, doublecheck that everything fits and add seam allowances, etc. to prepare the pattern for cutting.

I am posting daily, since Christmas is fast approaching and the dress needs to be worn on that day :) , so keep a lookout for my progress! :)

If you have any questions about anything during my process of making this dress, please feel free to send me a message or comment below and I will get back to you ASAP with an answer :)