Short fashion courses REGISTER NOW

8 – 12 week courses in:
  • Pattern Drafting (beginner and intermediate)
  • Sewing
  • Draping
Starting THIS WEEK at DIAC  (next to Mercato Mall)
To register, call 04.344.4398
By enrolling in one of our fashion courses, you may participate in our annual Bloom Fashion Show on April 30, 2016

For more course info click here:
or email appareldesign (AT)

We look forward to seeing you and meeting you in our office and in the course.
Happy designing! :)


2 responses to “Short fashion courses REGISTER NOW

  1. Hi, I want to run a boutique so which course should I take up and what is the duration and cost of the course.

    • Hi Sameera,

      If you want to run a boutique, the course that you would need to take depends on what type of boutique you would be running.

      Would it be your own designs, or other designers’ designs?
      If it is your own designs, would you produce them yourself or in a factory?

      We also offer professional business consulting services helping start up designers start and get going with their companies, as well as train workers of established design houses and factories.

      We will send you a more detailed email. Please check and let us know if you have any questions.

      Best of luck,
      Dubai In Design (DID)

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