Follow my progress – cocktail dress

Hello Darlings!

Third “Follow my Progress” post is up.

Please keep in mind, that you can work on the same dress in your size as I work on mine in my size here.  You are free to make yours exactly the same as mine, or you can tweak certain details, such as the length of the dress, the width of the waist sash, the shape of the neck, as you see it fit for yourself.

In this post I explain what I will do by pattern drafting, and what I will do by draping.
I have explained in detail of how I plan to go about pattern drafting this dress, which part I will start with first, where the seams will be, how I will place the opening of the dress and such other details.

This way everything is clear in my head before I start pattern drafting, which basically means less corrections once the sample is made :)

Check the post out here:

If you have any questions about anything during my process of making this dress, please feel free to send me a message or comment below and I will get back to you ASAP with an answer :)

I hope you will enjoy this new concept on the DubaiInDesign blog! :)


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