Follow my Progress – cocktail dress

Follow my Progress is a progressive event in which you can follow how I go about creating a fancy and well constructed cocktail dress, simply from an idea created in my mind.

I have developed a new tab above, called “Follow my Progress”.
You can visit that page on a weekly basis to follow my progress on this particular project and learn the process that goes on in creating a garment.

Whenever the “Follow my Progress” page has been updated, I will post a note on the homepage to inform everyone.

In order for you to be informed immediately as I update the page, make sure that you FOLLOW this blog by clicking “Sign me up!” grey button on the right bottom side (below my photo), on the homepage.

Please feel free to comment and ask questions on that page if there was something that you wanted me to explain more in detail.  I would be more than happy to do so! :)

Follow my Progress (1)


2 responses to “Follow my Progress – cocktail dress

  1. yasmin salah eldin

    Im a student from university of sharjah studying fashion if you need our help and it will be a good experience so please let me kno to inform others

    • Hello Yasmin,

      Thank you for your comment.

      In this post we are posting the progress of this particular project which is quite simple, however, we will most definitely keep you in mind for the next and more elaborate project.

      In the meanwhile, if you are interested we have 2 proposals for you.

      1. If you wish and have the time, while you work on your on project we could have you post your progress up on our blog. It can be fully detailed as ours above or simpler. Simpler meaning that you can send photos of completed garment/collection and a summary about how you came up with the theme, the inspiration, any hardships that you went through while completing the garment/s and such.

      2. We have a fashion show coming up on 30th April and we will be needing volunteers to help us set up, help models change, make sure that the models are in the correct garments, that everything is happening as per schedule, etc.

      Please let us know if this is something of interest to you.

      In the meanwhile, all the best to you at your fashion program and future endeavours!

      Dubai In Design (DID)

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