COMING SOON! Pattern drafting book

Book magic

If you liked our previous post on pattern drafting tools and other related posts, then you will be happy to learn that we are coming out with a pattern drafting book in January.

This being the very first book, we have decided to split it into a series of smaller books that go into the very detail of each topic.

This by far will be the most detailed of books, so that even someone who has never had any pattern drafting experience will be able to completely understand and follow, giving a strong base for further pattern drafting.

The first part of the book will focus on the very core of what pattern drafting is all about.
We thoroughly explain, with detailed writing and photos with explanations, about taking body measurements for a basic skirt block, the reasoning behind each part being pattern drafted and checking of the skirt once it’s been stitched.

Keep checking back for more updates and definitely check back in January once the book is out.
You may put yourself on the waiting list to receive the book once it comes out, by sending us a message – please click CONTACT tab above.

Throughout the next couple of months, we will be flashing excerpts from the book to give you a taste of what is coming.

Hope you’re just as excited about our first book as we are! :)

We are always happy to hear from you, so if there are any difficulties that you have found in making your skirts, let us know and we will be sure to include those details fully explained in this book.


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