Participate in your first Fashion Show

We are organizing our 2nd Bloom Fashion Show, right here in Dubai.

We had a fantastic response for our 1st Bloom Fashion Show which was covered by various media, hence we have decided to make our 2nd Bloom Fashion Show bigger and better!

Bloom Fashion Show is dedicated to our emerging designers and is all about
helping you experience what it is like to develop your full collection like a pro, to prepare for a fashion show in terms of model fittings and runway tral runs, and to go through the day of the actual fashion show including the prep for lights, runway, seating, model count, garment arrangement, timing and other preparations, and finally your actual fashion show followed by the media cameras and lights.
Feel the rush!

We have organized specific times and days, on which we will help you put together your collection, whether you need help with creating your collection, creating or correcting patterns, fittings, sourcing of fabrics or anything else that you may need help with in order to have a successful fashion show.

In order to participate in the fashion show, you need to have taken at least one of our short fashion courses (pattern drafting, sewing, illustration, portfolio, draping, etc.)

To find out the details, contact us back by sending us a message.  Click CONTACT tab above and allow 24h for a response.

Check out a few of our last Blossom Fashion Show photos:
Bloom 2015 fashion showBloom 2015 fashion show 1Bloom 2015 fashion show 2Bloom 2015 fashion show 3Bloom 2015 fashion show 4Bloom 2015 fashion show Group photo


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