Shops that sell mannequins and body forms

Professional mannequins of excellent quality are now being sold at Crystal House in Al Hanna Centre (Satwa) on the ground floor.

Fantastic quality for a great price, right here in Dubai.

Other designers in Dubai are already using them, and I will be making a batch order for my client this week.

You can walk right in and purchase on the spot, or if they don’t have what you want, you may make a custom order.

Body forms, leg forms, detachable arms, cage, metal rollers and body forms too :)

Happy body form shopping!


6 responses to “Shops that sell mannequins and body forms

  1. Hi,
    Im looking for a torso mannequin for our mens tailoring store. Something that is functional as well as elegant. Please advise us where we could buy a few from.

  2. Greetings.

    We are looking for a manufacturer who can help us to create mannequins or display items like attached images.
    Please send us your image gallery or price quotes if possible.

  3. hi!
    im looking for good dress form ( uk sizing) for men’s , ladies & kids as well
    pls advise from where to buy


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