SELLING: Mini sewing machine

A fantastic little gadget!

Compact / Light-weight / Battery operated

Only 80 AED

To inquire, make a purchase or see a demo, contact us by clicking the contact tab above or email appareldesign

SMART Mini sewing machine

Fix your curtains without taking them down
. . your skirt hem while you wear it
. . stitch a detail onto a cloth
. . . or applique lace onto edge of a fabric
Just to name a few!

2 responses to “SELLING: Mini sewing machine

  1. Good day, Is there any available course in October/November for 10 – 12 days and can private lessons be paid for and how much . Thank you.

    Bridget Ayuba

    • Hi Bridget,

      The only courses I offer, apart from 9-10 week courses, at that time are 1 and/or 2 day Intensive courses.

      I will send you more info by email. Please check.


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