In this post, we introduce you to the fundamental unit comprising a YARN which was described in a post on 3 May ’13 (Textile Terms category).

Apologies for the late post as I was out of the country for production quality checks.


Fibers - Filament and Staple

Fibers - BCF and Staple


– tiny hairlike strands out of which yarn and then fabric are created
Whether it is a STAPLE or a FILAMENT is characterized by flexibility, quality and ratio of length to thickness


– limited or short length
– Natural:  
             ->  ranges from a few millimeters (ex. cotton linters which can be up to 2 1/2″) up to about a meter (ex. bast/plant)
             -> biodegradable over time
– Man Made:
              -> produced in similar length range, cut from extruded filaments into lengths  for subsequent processing or end use


– fiber of indefinite length
        Ex. a single unit extruded by a silk worm
– yarns of one or more filaments are referred to as Multifilament
More photos:

Fiber's cross-sectional shapes (1of2)

Fiber's cross-sectional shapes (2of2)


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