Intro to Bi-Weekly TEXTILE TERMS

As of this month, we start to introduce you to the language of fabrics.

A textile term will be posted bi-weekly with the definition (on the 1st of the month) and a more indepth description (2 weeks later on a same week day).  Wherever possible, the definition will be simplified without compromising its technical accuracy.

We hope that you will benefit with the terms in your fashion pursuit whether career wise or personal.


Group of fibers or filaments that are interlocked together to form a long continuous strand.
Come as thread and as yarns used for sewing garments.
– Either natural or man-made, most commonly:
                               wool, silk . . (animal – slightly elastic, breathable, warm)
                               cotton . . . . . (less elastic, stronger)                               
                               hemp . . . . . .(plant)
                       – can shrink, stain, etc. but also easy to dye
                               polyester, nylon . . 
                       – can be stronger than natural yarns.
– May be finished with wax or alternative coatings allowing for durability during sewing process and during its’ wear and tear in garment
– S and Z twist yarn:
Photos of yarns:
 Yarn twists _ DID
Kitten playing with Yarn _ DIDThread yarn _ DID

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