Mannequins / Dress Forms

Depending on your budget, you may choose any of the following:

Plastic mannequin covered with fabric, has stand.
Great for temporary purpose / can use for draping as allows pins to be put through the fabric.
Price:  below 200 AED
You get what you pay for, however if you handle with care it can last you for a long time.
Available at Dragon Mart at the following stores:
1.  Fafa International Trading FZCO, Shop # EAA14.15
2. Doyin International Trading, Shop # EBD 01, Tel. 04.435.6136
Body Form – adjustable
Great for those who work on garments in different sizes.
Price:  above 200 and below 2,000 AED
Available at CraftLand in Town Center on Jumeriah Beach Road.
Tel.  04.342.2237
Any type of mannequin or body form in good quality
Great for those who are serious about fashion design, those that are planning to open or already have a boutique or a studio.
Price for a body form is about $450 US more or less for the body form plus $200  US for the bubble wrap, crane and shipment door to door of the parcel.
Good quality mannequins / body forms made in Spain, Italy and France.
Available at Milano Mannequins, based in Lebanon.

31 responses to “Mannequins / Dress Forms

  1. Can you please share where to buy tailoring mannequins made from soft materials.

  2. Hi I am looking to rent/ hire dress forms, mirrors, garment rails and a screen for an upcoming exhibition. Please help me.

    • Hi Aarti,
      As of now, most places sell these items only.
      However you may approach event companies as they usually rent their items to their clients and may want to rent them out separately in case they would not be using them for thelr clients.
      Best of luck!
      Dubai In Design (DID)

  3. Hi,
    I would like to know the list of Soft Mannequin Manufacturers or suppliers in Dubai. Kindly suggest the cheapest best stores across Dxb. Kindly mail me ASAP. I need your help and this is very urgent.

    • Hi Vivek,
      Please check your email in regards to the mannequin manufacturers and suppliers.
      We’ve tried giving you the comprehensive list with the contact info, however when new companies open up we try to update as soon as possible.
      Hope it helps!
      Dubai In Design (DID)

  4. Hello! I would like to rent or buy a half mannequin for upcoming event. Could you please share the contact details of relevant supplier?


  5. hello, we urgently need 2pcs of children mannequins. Can u help us. can u send us list of shops that can rent and sell white children mannequins. The ones who are open on fridays and saturdays pls.
    appreciate your response.

    • Dear Maria,

      We have sent you a list of suppliers that rent as well as sell the mannequins.
      Please check with them the details. Hope this helps.

      Dubai In Design (DID)

  6. Hi,
    I need also to rent half mannequins for long dresses and made up of soft material for an upcoming event. Can you help me?

  7. Hi I’m opening a tailoring shop here in Abu Dhabi. I know what brand (Juki) do I need but don’t know exactly what model. I need guidance on what machine for a business start up specializing in sportswear and corporate uniforms. I also need some list of suppliers for textiles and fabric as well as tailoring accessories.

    Thanks hoping for your immediate reply.

    • Dear Rayyan,

      Please send us an email to appareldesign(AT)
      We will get back to you with a time for a meeting to discuss your needs.

      Best of luck with your shop.

      Dubai In Design (DID)

  8. hi i want to rent a mannequin for an event thats coming up can you please tell me where to rent one

    • HI Aisha,

      We can send you a list of shops that sell mannequins.
      Not sure that they rent them. You might want to call them all up and check.

      Otherwise, you may want to contact some designers. Quite often they have purchased mannequins for their own events, or in case emergencies, and possibly have them stored away. They might want to rent them out.

      Please check your email for the list of shops that I mentioned above.

      Best of luck in finding a mannequin.

      Dubai In Design (DID)

  9. Hi there

    I am urgently looking to rent mannequins for an upcoming event; do you know of a supplier that does this?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Nicole,

      Will send you a list of mannequin suppliers.
      You’ll need to call them to inquire about the above services.
      We are not affiliated with any of them.

      Dubai In Design (DID)

  10. Can anyone give me a contact to rent mannequins?

    • If you are looking buy good quality fibre glass mannequins to suit different budgets, please contact 050-6505741.

      Also rent mannequins.

  11. hello,
    I’m looking for non-adjustable bust forms for draping in dubai. please tell me the shops i can get them from.

    • Dear Musingsoffir,

      Please check your email for with details about shops that sell non-adjustable bust forms.
      A suggestion that you visit the shops to see each mannequin in person as they may slightly differ in materials used, shape, etc.

      Dubai In Design (DID)

  12. Also we need mannequins to rent urgent…may I have contact numbers please…

  13. If you are looking for mannequins you can also contact Albex Design & Display @Al Wasl Road 272 villa no.2, Jumeirah.

  14. Good Afternoon. I would like to know the price range of maneqquins, prefferably the cheapest yet somehow with good quality. And is it possible for you to give me the shop lists where I can purchase it in dubai and abu dhabi. I really need your help.

    • Good afternoon Mirthel,

      We don’t sell mannequins.
      However, we can email you the shops that do. We’ll provide you with their contact info so please check the prices with them.


  15. Hi Adeeba,

    We don’t sell mannequins. the above mentioned is where the mannequins are sold.
    I’ve emailed you a few more shops that sell mannequins.
    Please check your email.


  16. im interested in buying a mannequin.. do you have a shop in bur dubai?

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